Good powder, strong crust

South Rockies

CyrusPischke , Saturday 23rd March, 2024 6:40PM

Pleasantly surprised with the snow quality today, we found excellent skiing with about 30cm of new snow on last weeks sun crust that skied very well. We noted some weak adhesion to the crust in many areas, and while this new storm snow was still too unconsolidated to be anything more than sluff, this interface could cause issues as the storm continues, or wind transport or warming affects things. Out of curiosity, we dug a quick pit on the north side of summit knob (~2050m), and found a nearly perfect snow profile, right side up and with no major crust layers until the very bottom of the snowpack (240cm total depth at our location). Keep an eye out in other locations for a weak version of the March 17 crust, just because it wasn't here doesn't mean it can't be elsewhere!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN