Black Tusk Meadlows

Sea To Sky

el.spamoh+avalanche , Wednesday 6th March, 2024 9:20PM

Nice day touring from rubble creek to Black Tusk Meadows. Parking lot had enough snow to skin up from the bottom. At 800m+ the trail up was pretty well covered. On the way down at the end of the day it was possible to ski down with a few rocks exposed and a drainage crossing. Did not venture into steep terrain. Stayed on skin track out to the meadows and back. It snowed pretty consistently all day. Did not observe activity on surrounding slope due to limited visibility. The snow just off the skin track was very loosely compressed, and it was easy to step down, even with skis on. Consistently observed a melt-freeze crust at the base of snow at all elevations on the way up. At lower elevations there was a ice crust over the ground with fresh loose snow on top, which moved freely. At the meadows, a base of 100cm (sheltered) to 150cm was observed. Snow density increasing from top to bottom. Top 30-50cm was very loose. Observed tree bombs on the way down. Tree wells are well hidden.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN