BIG Slide in Big Steep Mother

Lizard , Wednesday 15th March, 2023 6:30PM

Fun day of ski touring in the Lizard Range. Most features we skied slide naturally during the previous storm and the cooling tightened up the instability. No signs of instability other than a couple whumpfs/cracks on steep solar aspects, which we were avoiding.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Powder, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Cloudy, Cold, Sunny, Warm, Windy. We rode: Alpine slopes, Mellow slopes, Open trees, Steep slopes. We avoided: Sunny slopes. Riding quality was good.

Avalache Conditions: Whumpfing or drum-like sounds or shooting cracks.


Calm, sunny morning with surface snow becoming moist on solar aspects. Increasing cloud in afternoon with moderate downflow winds in Alpine.


Widespread natural cycle observed from previous storm. Average size 2-2.5 within storm snow. Big Steep ran size 3 depositing 3-4m of debris across lake at runout.