Round Mtn North Faces

Sea To Sky

Trevor T. , Saturday 2nd March, 2024 10:00PM

We skied north facing slopes on round mtn in deep snow. Best riding was on steep slopes given the deep powder. No concerning snow movement was observed in the morning on the first few runs. Conditions warmed slightly in the afternoon. In the afternoon we had gained a bit of confidence and our guard was down slightly. Our group of four were transitioning at the top of a slope when we heard a loud whoomph and felt snow settlement. We had remote triggered an avalanche, no one was affected. This occurred a few minuets into our transition. We skied around the slope we were about to ski and observed a complicated crown fracture just below where we had been standing. On the walk out we observed two more crowns and avalanche debris which had occurred on similar terrain features. Crowns appeared to range from 30 to 80 cm deep.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN