Ice - Louise Falls

Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

Grant P , Sunday 17th April, 2022 10:50PM

**Trail is icy around the Chateau to below the climb. The trail on the lake is a little better. **Climb is in great shape, no doubt because of the recent cold snap. **Left side start is blue hero ice. Right side start is ok but not as nice looking. **left pillar is closed off behind so no walking behind in the cave. It has a great chimney up the middle, easily started from the middle cave. Wide stemming, good sticks, and 3 dimensional fun. Good screws. **Right pillar is thinner than it looks and not as consolidated behind as it looks from the front. It is as steep as it looks though. **Above the pillar the climbing is good but the ice is starting to get sun affected and placing screws may mean a little chopping away surface ice. Climb gets morning sun but shade covers the climb mid afternoon. **Walk off has a fair amount of avi debris/spindrift across it making the "path" narrow in places and high consequence if someone were to slip. The snow is hard and crusty.