Chilliwack after 'The Storm'

South Coast Inland

mckeenjs , Thursday 7th March, 2024 10:10PM

Several observations from the last week of Skiing + Sledding in Chilliwack area Mtns. There is appreciable snow beginning at 6-700m throughout the valley with skiable amounts on roads above 800m. Height of snow varies broadly across the valley, East towards Chilliwack Lake we observed 145cms at 1600m, sheltered NE aspect with the recent storms accounting for 100cms. West towards Mt Mcguire we observed 230cms @ 1400m, sheltered N aspect, storm totals to 120cms. North near Jones Lake we sunk an entire 330cm probe plus 70cms of arm and never found ground at 1600m N facing. Storm totals there accounted for nearly 150cms. Ubiquitous, however, has been the character of the interface between the new snow and pre-storm surfaces. We've found the new snow sitting on ugly facets / crusts, and exhibiting sharp, planar, pop + drop fractures when played with in a pit. Spooky. Results as easy as CT 4 down 120 SP. A lack of observations of much significant natural activity has also been unnerving. Thursday we got cooked in the sun. solar aspects developed a firm crust throughout the day, while N aspects remained excellent skiing.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN