Simpson Area

Banff Yoho Kootenay

shawnm8 , Friday 29th March, 2024 2:25PM

At approx 12:30 while skinning up, ~1950m on a east facing slope, we remote triggered approx 150m away a size 1 (photo 1) on the adjacent south east slope. the slide propagated ~30m across, ran slowly ~50m down with a crown ~30cm down. Observed shooting cracks around the first person trail breaking. Quick hand shear test on the east slope showed new snow poorly bonded ~30cm down on a old temperature crust. Decided to turn around at this point, en route down noticed two more possibly remote triggered, one same aspect similar size (photo 2) the second on the east aspect in the sun (photo 3), size 1.5-2 with crown approx ~200m across. Day started out at -7, definitely rapid warming, the sun felt very warm and above 0

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN