My Tanner NW Face

Kootenay Boundary

tj.boast , Sunday 31st March, 2024 10:10AM

Skied the face of My Tanner. Polar slopes had 5-15cm F over a 20cm 1F slab. 3mm SH found widespread on the surface up to the summit. Solar slopes 25deg+ had a thin breakable crust. By the afternoon the crust had broken down and moist snow was widespread on solar slopes. Elev: 2380m Asp:W HS:200 Slope: 28 deg CTM 11 (RP) down 25 on MFpc 1.5 repeated twice. Stomped a cornice onto the slope prior to skiing and triggered a slow moving loose dry Sz 1.0. Several other small loose dry avalanches observed from extreme terrain.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN