Overnight Nch'kay Neve

Sea To Sky

hana.brath , Monday 15th April, 2024 8:55AM

Overnight Neve Saturday April 13 - Sunday April 14th. Substantial warming on Saturday, and signs of natural wet loose (up to size 1.5) and warming (sluffing and pinwheeling) on all aspects, mostly starting under rocky outcroppings and trees. North-facing aspects were less sun affected, with some nice corn snow to be found in the alpine. Steep north-facing aspects had signs of older slab avalanches. We opted to take the route up and over the gargolyes to avoid the steep slide paths and overhead exposure of ring creek given these conditions. The lake is frozen and holding up nicely. For the ski out, we kept skis on until we reached ~4km mark along rubble creek trail. Watch for break-ins at BOTH Elfin lake and rubble creek parking lots. Our (and almost all cars left overnight) had windows smashed, (despite us leaving no valuables in the car). We heard from other parties that they had their house keys and insurance papers stolen!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN