Cornices linger, solar aspects heinous, Cornice/Pinwheel debris on North aspects

Kootenay Boundary

Lionel J , Friday 29th April, 2022 9:55PM

Nasty crust on solar aspects under 5cm of new snow. Better turns on north aspects where the crust is down 10cm and more forgiving. But be ware of the cornices that linger above lee aspects. Also, the debris from cornice falls/pinwheels has solidified. Not fun to hit with velocity. Evidence of one recent size 1 on a north aspect. Did not propagate below the melt-freeze crust. Probably a small wet-loose from snow dropping off the rocks above as they warmed. Picture doesn't really do it a justice but I tried. Pin-wheels galore below rock faces. And if you come across a certain pleasant 40 degree north aspect slope, do not blame the splitboarder such as me for the tragic side-slipping that occurred recently. For those were the tracks of wayward 2-plankers ;)

We rode: Open trees. We avoided: Sunny slopes. Riding quality was good.