Avalanche Forecast

Issued: Apr 28th, 2024 4:00PM

The alpine rating is below threshold, the treeline rating is below threshold, and the below treeline rating is below threshold.

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We've concluded our regularly updated forecasts, but avalanche hazards can continue well into spring. The Spring Conditions page provides mountain travel guidance over the coming weeks.



No Rating

Snowpack Summary

The snow surface likely consists of a mix of hard melt-freeze crust and dry snow depending on aspect and elevation. Sun-exposed slopes may undergo daily melting and freezing whereas northerly alpine slopes could remain dry with potential slabs.

A weak layer of surface hoar and/or faceted grains associated with a hard melt-freeze crust from early April may be found in the upper snowpack, particularly around Haines Summit.

The middle of the snowpack is settled and strong.

Weak faceted grains are likely found near the base of the snowpack. There is potential for these layers to reawaken under periods of intense or prolonged warming or rain.

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Weather Summary

More details can be found in the Mountain Weather Forecast.

Valid until: May 31st, 2024 4:00PM