Surprise Pass Skiers Beware

Lake Louise

Tim Banfield , Tuesday 18th April, 2023 12:50PM

Saw Chris’s min yesterday during the recent storm cycle so decided to check out the same zone today. Surprise Pass lookers right went quite big. Surprise pass itself did not slide, it might look appealing from the top but at a minimum you will have 1/2 a run of some of the worst skiing imaginable. Large chunky debris that scoured the narrow bit wall to wall and is expansive in the fan, almost crossing the flat skin track at the bottom. We went here having skied in the same zone most days out of the past 10, we had skied this exact slope 4 April and turned around close to the top due to a couple of hand shears we didn’t like. In the previous storm cycle (10 April) this slope slid almost exaclty where we turned around. I assumed because it had already slid 1-2 times that we might be able to make our way higher up and at a minimum ski the trees skiers left on the descent. As soon as we saw the slope from the lake we decided we wouldn’t ski but decided to go poke around and see the size of the debris. Play safe