An ode to crust; Avalanche crust #2


Demonic Pancake , Thursday 14th March, 2024 2:55PM

Morning awe and azure heights From crust, no dust Untimely hopes of shmoo.
Last storm snow consolidated into a very strong layer 1F+ about 55cm thick in the start zone. Sitting on a decomposing crust and slightly lower density and moist snow. Hand shear with moderate force and planar break. Did I mention that the surface snow is crusty? There is even a variety to please the keenest enthusiasts! The top was of the very soft, thin and styrofoamy kind which didn't ski that bad TBH (still sporty!). Lower down was 5cm mid hard and breakable sun crust at worst. Fun, supportive and soft shmoo near valley bottom, but a bit too early to get it right on that aspect.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN