Jupiter adjacent


shadcollins5 , Monday 19th February, 2024 6:10PM

Today, the lads strapped up for Jupiter traverse. Travel in the lower asulkan valley is as you would expect. And with that said, we are proud to be hosting the next Olympic luge event shortly. Once you get above triangle moraine the top ~20cm have experienced miraculous surface recrystallization, and actually ski/travel quite well. There are a few visually sagging bridges while ascending up the glacier to sapphire col; however, it is quite manageable with good visibility. An established staircase has been placed across the entire Jupiter traverse, which makes for fast and efficient travel across the ridge until the crux. This is not to say it is a give-me as there is still a significant amount of exposure and cornices to navigate. The slotted rock just below Pollux (crux) has two exposed cracks for placing protection (blue BD nut fits well). I turned around at this point and skied down from Caster to the triangle moraine (low key skied very good all things considered). The rest of the group skied the traverse as intended, and safely descended down The Thorrington. It was very wind effected and didn’t ski well till the fan.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN