Much less new snow north of Terrace (as usual)

Northwest Coastal

ngottlieb , Saturday 2nd March, 2024 11:40AM

As usual, there's much less snow in the immediate area north of Terrace than in the Shames area. Access conditions have effectively not changed despite the recent storms, and there is little to no snow under forest cover as high as thick forest cover goes (1000m+). That said, the skiing in open terrain was quite pleasant - up to ~30cm (@1400m) of settled and supportive powder skiing. We didn't start touching the crust underneath until ~950m. We felt frequent settlements skinning above ~1150m on the crust/new-snow interface. We also observed a number of size 2 wind/storm slab avalanches in steep subalpine terrain on northwest aspects across the valley from us.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN