South Coast

mike.crickmer , Tuesday 12th March, 2024 4:30PM

Skied on all aspects around first peak except true North. Initially the plan was to be cautious - placed a few ski cuts with reassuring results and gradually moved to steeper terrain. Ended up skiing a few open slopes in the 30-40deg range on NE, S, W aspects. Below 1200m ski penetration around 30cm in heavy snow, above that particularly on exposed features a supportive crust exists on all aspects with 1-5cm of pleasant moist snow making for nice turns. Plenty of balling as the temp rose to about zero. The odd skier-triggered small wet-loose avalanche on steeper features. Nothing stepping down. No significant naturals seen. Coverage is awesome! Upper snow pack fairly homogenous and cohesive. Can't speak on deeper layers.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN