Bottomless* Decoeli Powder


Get it while the getting's good at Decoeli! Yesterday's storm brought 20-30cm at lower elevations and the wind hadn't touched it as of this afternoon. Cooler temperatures and a relative lack of wind kept storm slabs from gaining much cohesion, and aside from infrequent and small cracking at ski tips there were no signs of instability. A set of 6 compression tests in a north-facing drifted spot yielded 2 resistant planar results (CTM RP) at the interface of the old surface (small mixed grains) and storm snow. While turns weren't our objective for today, ski quality lower down on the north-facing valley walls was good. *Bottomless is a relative term, and ymmv

Snow conditions were: Powder. Weather conditions were: Cloudy, Warm. We rode: Mellow slopes, Open trees. We avoided: Alpine slopes, Convex slopes. Riding quality was good.

Avalache Conditions: 30cm + of new snow, or significant drifitng, or rain in the last 48 hours. Whumpfing or drum-like sounds or shooting cracks.