Upper kananaskis lakes


Skied around Rawson lake today. Lake is covered but no info on quality of surface freeze. Found Hs 130 fairly consistently. Skied south facing aspects that don’t receive any solar this time of year. Ski pen 30cm, foot pen 50 cm (to crust). Small settlements around ridge crest, much less wind affect than expected. Lots of sluffing off of extreme terrain on Foch/Sarrail Headwall. Some cornice tumblers and sluff reaching top of fans. No slab release on fans on impact. Skiing was great, no rocks and Xmas trees were well filled in.

Snow conditions were: Powder. We rode: Open trees. Riding quality was amazing.


Icebox bowl with no sun. Not a lot of slab properties to the snowpack above the crust, not a lot of reactivity on the crust. Some whoompfing at ridge crest, able release little pillows on the crust, but stubborn. No reaction from bigger features.


Well protected bowl, no wind. Ridge tops had 100’ streamers and lots of cornice failures.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN