Cegnfs Peak


Skied/climbed Cegnfs Peak this morning. The overnight freeze was very good; in E-SW aspects the crust was very supportive. Skied down at 11am and the steep SE aspects were just turning to awesome corn (1-2cm ski pen). -12 when we started at 8:15am, +3 when we finished at 11:30am. Calm winds, clear skies. Stability was very good but we did note a couple of worrying spots. Lower down at about 2250m on a SE aspect, 30 degree slope, we experienced a large settlement/cracking (5mx5m). Digging down we noted it was a wind slab on top of some weaker facets. Higher up on the main face at 2700m, there was a softening sun crust on top of very weak and unsupportive snow that went right to ground (snow depth 0.5-1.5m).

Snow conditions were: Hard. Weather conditions were: Warm. Riding quality was good.