Kootenay Boundary

lwaterer , Monday 1st March, 2021 8:28PM

At ridgetop snow was mostly loose and unconsolidated with a little wind effect starting to develop a slab in immediate lee areas, especially as the temperatures warmed from -5.5 C to -2.5 C by our second lap. Dug a test profile at 1750m on NE aspect in clearing below treeline. Jan. 25th surface hoar 3-6mm was down 80cm right above Jan 13th rain crust. Snow above was unconsolidated, gradually gaining resistance with depth down to Jan. 25th SH. CTH 26 (SP) on that layer was not repeated. Evidence of previous natural avalanche with crowns to 65cm in steep, unsupported convex roll in open trees suspected to occur around wind event with recent storm snow reloaded on bed surface. Sloughing in steep terrain when skiing entraining storm snow but no other signs of instability except as mentioned above with beginning of slab formation.

Snow conditions were: Powder. We rode: Dense trees, Steep slopes. Riding quality was good.