Surprise Pass Slide Path

Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

cjthompson0 , Sunday 24th November, 2019 4:05PM


20cm of storm snow above a supportive crust with basal facets. Snow depth was consistently 70cm in lee areas, but blown thin on the windward side of the bowl. We stopped at 2000m above which the skiing became marginal. Winds were calm at valley bottom but fiercely blowing down slope at 2000m. Our skin track was buried between laps. Lee skiing was good but watch for rocks to skiers right.


Prevailing winds were from the west, however we observed strong downslope gusts (westward) and cross slope gusts from the upper valley (blowing north east).


51.39864642 -116.24471970

Surprise Pass Slide Path

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN