Orient Point - Ghost ice

Grant P

Cold and windy valley bottom around 9.45am. Calm winds walking up the cut line and through trees. Winds and spindrift increased early afternoon. Huge wind transport observed up high.

Weather conditions were: Cold, Windy, Sunny.


Windy and sunny. Temps rising through the day but no thermometer for accuracy. Estimate a 10c plus rise.


Walking in, mid/late morning I was looking for overhead amounts, wind transport, and signs of past avalanche activity. At the time there was no signs of wind transport or spindrift, and other than a couple of point release or pinwheeling, little sign of activity. Wind had blown in vehicle tracks in the valley but higher up seemed quieter. Around early afternoon there was a definite rise in wind transport. Large spindrift plumes coming over the cliffs to the south and southwest of us in the cirque. The transported snow created multiple spindrift releases. I also heard the rumble of three avalanches although the only one I saw seemed to dissipate into spindrift as it came down gullies to the south and reached the slopes below as spindrift. Another party at Orient Point reported having triggered a small release although I'm not sure if it was on the slopes as you cross below the climb or on the Joker which was described as windy and spindrifty.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN