Hidden Bowl

Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

jcbfrsr , Saturday 21st March, 2020 7:40PM


Warm and very sunny today. Temps started chilly then rose to above zero by the end of the day. A suncrust was present in the morning in the valley and up to about 2300M then broke down in the afternoon. Above 2300 snow was very firm wind affected. Ski quality was decent although you were definitely fighting the crust a bit. Very small amount of sluffing in the steeper terrain.


On the way back down the Skoki trail we saw that a small wet loose slide had come out of one of the gullies just west of Redoubt Bowl below treeline. It was on a WNW and sunny aspect. Couldn’t see the start zone. stopped in approx 30 degree terrain.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN