Corbin's Pass snow profile

North Columbia

gearysguiding , Wednesday 6th January, 2021 5:05PM


Sorry about the double report, I accidentally submitted the other one before I was finished.... Test profile top of cut-block S aspect 1545m, 25 degrees, HS 200cm; STH CTM14(RP)x2 down 55cm 4F/4F (storm interface); STH CTH22(SP)x2 down 71cm on Dec 26th SH(3-5mm decomposing) 1F-/1F-; STH CTH25(SP)x2 down 110cm on Dec 13th SH(3mm decomposing); STMx2 CTH22,25,27(SP) down 130cm 1F+/Dec 7th SH(3-5mm decomposing)/K MFcr

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN