Lizard Range and Flathead

Dylan Zoratti , Thursday 4th February, 2021 6:45AM

lots of large settlements in most open northerly treed areas along ridgetop above 1850m today with the slab moving on anything steep and unsupported. many of these areas had seen ski touring traffic the past 2 days but the settlements were most prevalent today. the layer is more stubborn to trigger below 1850m. slope testing on a windloaded drift above a road cut at 1850m: at first could only knock off a few smaller pieces of fresh windslab due to the stiffer hardslab bridging. Then whilst touring above the drift with one step into a thin faceted area we triggered it down to the surface hoar layer with 100m propagation and up to 150cm depth.

We avoided: Alpine slopes, Convex slopes. Riding quality was amazing.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN