'Fluff on Debris' skiing in NRC/MacDonald West

Rogers Pass - NRC Glacier National Park

Will Woods , Monday 4th January, 2021 6:10PM

up to 70cm of storm snow in NRC area today at 1900m, with another 8-10 that came in over the course of the day. No whumpfing or cracking or signs of instability where we skied today, but we kept to sheltered, moderate angled locations.
Most notably there are large areas that are often skied in NRC and MacDonald West that only have 10-20cm of snow over hard, chunky avalanche debris. The main path in MacDonald West (skiers right side) upper and lower have both run wall to wall (likely in the last cycle Saturday/Sunday). I wasn't able to tell if they were the same event, but above and below the big roll far right, with the debris in the lower section almost reaching the road. There were also 'smaller' size 2-2.5 avalanches in open paths BTL in NRC proper and up above the roll near TL. If you could find undisturbed snow it was excellent skiing, but the skiing on the 'fluff on debris' was less than inspiring given how chunky it was.

Source: Mountain Conditions