Pulpit #1

Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

B Wolfe , Tuesday 23rd March, 2021 9:30PM


30x30 CT Total depth 177 Pit depth 130 25cm 4F 1cm thick crust, hard ice 10cm 4F 80cm 1F Below <1F New snow collapsed, broke uneven on crust. Did not slide off. Jumped on snow at several skin track switch backs no result except on 1 very small wedge of snow. Crust was everywhere but seemed un-reactive on low angle <35* skied/tested.


Calm winds, no transport at peaks until 14:00hrs. West wind moving snow at peaks, light north wind at surface.


Cornice drops off east facing cliffs. Did not witness any run below cliffs to floor. Evidence of several that did run to valley floor in the area.