Monashee snowpack

Monashee Mtns. - Perry River North Columbia

Scott Davis , Saturday 13th November, 2021 8:00AM

Just some quick obs from between valley bottom and 2000m. in the Perry River drainage of the Monashee Mountains west of Revelstoke.

We were hoping to ski tour about and get some info - but an overnight freezing rain event scuttled that idea (Thursday night Nov.11).

Bad skiing(okay actually terrible!) with a stiff breakable crust sitting on the surface(see photo)

As far as snowpack - not lots but 75cm at 1700m - 80cm on at 2000m - snowpack tapers quickly below 1600m.

See attached photo of quick profile I did on an open slope smooth at 1750m. - no results from 3 compression tests - the upper storm snow appeared well bonded to crust down 35-40cm from the surface (see attached photo).

Temperatures were 0.0 from 1700m-2000m. with obscured skies and little precipitation throughout the day.

This are is fairly proximal to the Gorge road so may reflect conditions there - I also heard lots of road traffic on the Gorge forest road so just a reminder that a radio is an important communication device if travelling on radio controlled forestry roads.

Scott Davis
ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide

Source: Mountain Conditions