Cheops North Bowl (Girlfriend Bowl)

Glacier National Park

Miles Kenyon-Slaney , Saturday 22nd February, 2020 2:30PM

Great skiing on north aspects, with very deep powder. New snow was much more unstable than anticipated, due to a rapidly forming wind slab on top of the Feb 22nd surface hoar layer. Significant sluffing occurred on every run.

Snow conditions were: Deep powder. Weather conditions were: Cold, Windy, Cloudy. We rode: Mellow slopes, Convex slopes, Open trees. We avoided: Alpine slopes. Riding quality was amazing.

Avalache Conditions: Slab avalanches today or yesterday. Whumpfing or drum-like sounds or shooting cracks.


Multiple small (size 1-2) slides on a northerly slope, both natural and skier triggered. Observed the development of a significant wind slab, particularly in the lee of ridge features.


51.29475793 -117.54334853

Cheops North Bowl (Girlfriend Bowl)

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN