Genesis Range


Skied N facing open treeline terrain. Approached the day with a curiosity about the state of the PWL in the North island's shallower snowpack. We found it down ~65cm with sudden planar results and propagation on snowpack tests (see below for details). Wx: Overcast, moderate snowfall tapering off quickly late morning. Light to moderate winds at treeline, no snow transport observed. Temp: -2 Profile N aspect, 1240m, 32 degree slope. Wind light NNE, skies overcast. HS 230cm Foot pen 56cm 0-10cm fist Thin crust (recent temp +/+ light rain event) 10-20cm 4F Thin crust 20-65cm 1F 65-66 crust 66-70 F facets 70 crust 71-74 facets Below 74 pencil or denser, well consolidated CTH 21 SP down 66 - compression test, sudden planar on 21st hit ECTP 24 down 66 - extended column test showed sudden propagation across entire column at 24 PST 37/100 end down 66 on facets - propagation saw test - this again suggests that this persistent slab has propagation potential One whumph felt in the area of the pit, no others felt all day. Lapped conservative terrain in 1350-1100m elevation band. Upper crust slightly grabby but very enjoyable turns. Avoided convexities, slopes steeper than 30 degrees, and wind thinned terrain.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Powder. Riding quality was good.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN