Frigga's Throne

Sea to Sky

Peter , Saturday 13th February, 2021 8:05PM

Amazing day of skiing the trees near Mount Freda. We were on the lookout for signs of instability but didn't see any other than some loose dry sluffing action when skiing steeper features. We conciously avoided the alpine, overhead hazard from cornices and areas of potential wind loading. Ski quality was amazing and we even got moments of sun!

Weather conditions were: Cold, Cloudy. We rode: Dense trees. We avoided: Alpine slopes. Riding quality was amazing.

Avalache Conditions: 30cm + of new snow, or significant drifitng, or rain in the last 48 hours.


Unconsolidated, light storm snow adhering fairly well to a supportive layer.


Chilly, largely overcast with some sunny breaks, very light winds and light snowfall. Visibility did not allow for obs of the alpine. 20-30 cms of relatively low density snow within the last few days.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN