Ice - ETC & B3

Grant P

Approach: -17c around 8am and only slowly warmed during the morning. The trail in is well bootpacked and features a couple of good ski tracks up the fire road. Fairly heavily travelled in the afternoon as we left. We used the cable traverse rather than the high bypass. Its a little exposed but not hard. Lower creek: Chantilly looked good from the trail but still looks narrower than typical near the top. 2L40 and Snowline both looked to have a good ice on the upper halves but thin for the lower section and maybe no screw protection. Moonlight looked good from the trail. Combo falls wasn't really buried and looked good quality rambling ice. Upper creek: We were hoping to do B3 and WD 40 seeing as we had 5 people including a 1st timer. WD40 is not in (second pic). Instead we ran a couple laps on B3. B3 was rather brittle up the right edge. A little softer and slightly wet in the middle. Left side was dry. From the trail the climb looks kinda dirty and wet but was mostly dry. It also looked somewhat thin but that could be deceptive. I used a 10 and a 13cm screw and neither has depth issues. A bit of a snow slope above the ice to reach a cord on tree rap station but a 60m rope works to rap. Didn't see conditions for climbs further upstream.

Weather conditions were: Cold, Sunny.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN