Glacier National Park

elliot , Monday 4th January, 2021 9:20PM


Toured around the lower parts of NRC today as wanted to check out all the new snow and having been in the same area Friday. Since then 55-60cms of new snow. Storm slab from the last couple of days felt pretty heavy but gave some awesome turns and was very much unreactive below 1900m, even when ski cutting in open areas, on steeper sections of slope. Noticed that the sloughs coming off the cliffs around were unreactive. Light to moderate snowfall throughout the layer with little to no wind. Saw on the way up that the whole of #4 had slid since Friday which like avi Canada reported, went to the road when I went to have a look at the bottom. Dug a pit around 1900m above the first steep roll on NRC #4 in a sparsely treed area: 225cm base 30cm storm snow 55cm failure after 9 from the elbow on what I presume is the dec 24/25 hoar layer (main layer of concern) Could feel the earlier persistent layers from Dec when digging but they were unreactive during our tests both today and Friday Thanks Parks Canada for continuing to let us ski this super fun area of the pass. ES

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN