First trip of 2020/21

Frozen Pirate

Thin, but fun first day. Mckirdy meadows trail in Valemount. 40cm HS at 2050m. No wind affect and quite soft fuffy snow with the bottom 15cms being a bit moist and more supportive. Cool day with mountain temps at 1330hrs -11. Light wind from sw few flakes of new snow falling. 1430 sun came out and skies cleared up. Mini pit sw asp 2050m 40cm HS AT -11 Surface temp -7 10cm -5 20cm -2 10cm -1 No shears with shovel test. Upper 25cm Fist, 4fbelow. Great short board line on the way down! Stoked!

Snow conditions were: Powder. Weather conditions were: Cold. We rode: Mellow slopes. Riding quality was ok.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN