Slab problem over fresh snow


Barry McCockinner , Thursday 11th February, 2021 9:25PM


Seen many natural overnight avalanches. Triggered avalanches are extewmely likely as there is a slab problem worsening overtop of powdery snow. We seen shooting cracks, slab releases, cornices forming and recent natural avalanches. (And older avalanches from the snow loading from sunday last weekend) 10-20+cm of windswept slab on top 60cm of unstable powder below 70cm down, a sleet layer which failed on a column test We rode there wednesday the 10th, and overnight wind caused natural avalanches to occur in the areas we had already rode. Breaking near trees on convex slopes, cornice & slab avalanches. One massive avalanche from 2300 meters - 1900 meters occurred, leaving a large pile of snow at the bottom. We stayed away from wind blown areas, kept clear of avalanche paths, and also kept clear of terrain traps. We also triggered some small avalanches that we did not expect to slide. Take extreme caution. The wind will continue building slab avalanches again overnight tonight as it is windy currently.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN