11/10 ski quality


Steve 'Reidles' Reid , Sunday 3rd January, 2021 4:25PM

Fantastic ski quality on the N face of Log Cabin today. We climbed until wind affect became notable (1400m ish), and skied mellow laps of fast, supportive powder. Delightful. Nice conditions with the S wind picking up around noon (wind transport evident at ridge tops), but diminishing soon after, scattered cloud, temps -9 to -12. 5 small size 1 avalanches observed out of the steep, rocky north face of the summit, looked recent. (Pic 1 attached) At around 1300m large surface hoar became evident (pic 2 attached), it was widespread on true North faces, but minimally evident with minor aspect changes. Presence in a well used skin track would suggest it is a recent development. Ski testing a small, steep, NW feature produced a notebale whumpf; a little excavation showed a soft slab that was 10-15cm thick, and a small layer of surface hoar appeared well preserved between this and the crust beneath. I've inverted the slab in pic 3 but the SH was small and the iphone did not do it justice! Isolated result on our travels, but interesting.

Snow conditions were: Powder. We rode: Mellow slopes. We avoided: Alpine slopes. Riding quality was amazing.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN