Extended column test on white queen ridge trail

Kootenay Boundary

sadieglockner , Saturday 8th January, 2022 10:05PM

Weather conditions were: Sunny. We rode: Dense trees, Mellow slopes. Riding quality was good.


We did three extended column tests and a compression test on the saddle between white queen and acidophilus today during an AST2 course with kootenay backcountry guides (highly recommend! Judson is wonderful). The results we found are below: Extended column #1 - ECTN 6, 20cm down & ECTN 14, 37cm down Extended column #2 - ECTP 22, 37cm down, we than cut a 30 x 30 x 30 column to test this weak layer. After 6 more wrist taps it came loose and seemed to be resistant planar Extended column #3 - ECTP 20, 37cm down Compression test - RP 12, 37cm down Conclusion - we checked out the layer that was failing at 37cm down and it was made up of broken decomposing stellar crystals that were 3mm in size.