McDonnell Magic


Yukon Field Team , Friday 22nd March, 2024 7:05PM

Skied up Mt McDonnell today. The approach is a bit tricky right now with the river being open so be prepared to go for a river walk. There was a solid refreeze overnight that made for fast travel conditions until you get into the old avalanche debris from the March 16-18th warming event. Multiple large avalanches let loose during this time and filled the drainage with debris. The melt-freeze crust from last week's warming event is rock solid up to 1200 m then the snow quality became quite good. There was good coverage on the glacier with no visible sags. Some areas on the glacier had a harder wind-effected surface but the ski quality was generally good. Southern aspects were moist by 1 pm but we observed no natural avalanche activity. Winds were light through the day and made for a pleasant time in the alpine.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN