North alpine layer


cwalker , Thursday 6th April, 2023 9:30PM

Skiied the N side of Reco today & encountered this recent size 2.5 natural @ 2275m 50cm crown (likely yesterday from snow shedding off rocks triggering a pocket below). Same snow was not reactive to skiing (upper pitch we skiied was same aspect/slope angle as this pocket that slid) and the snow adjacent to this pocket was not reactive while skiing (maybe be a spotty layer or require a larger load) but the upper snowpack in N alpine has potential for large avalanches. Lower potential on E aspect: 15cm of soft storm snow, well bonded to a crust upto 2500m, no signs of instability skinning/skiing steeper E alpine

Snow conditions were: Powder. Weather conditions were: Cloudy. We rode: Alpine slopes, Steep slopes. Riding quality was good.

Avalache Conditions: Slab avalanches today or yesterday.