Sunny (ish) Summit Sunday


info , Sunday 27th March, 2022 7:05PM

Mostly sunny in the morning became overcast by later in the afternoon, with warm temps and light south winds throughout the day. Our group took the usual way up the summit knoll to about 1200m by which point the wind had removed all traces of last week's snow. Riding quality was great down to about 1000m where a breakable crust/wind slab combo was present on all aspects. No signs of instability but we did get repeated (4/4) easy resistant planar compression test results on an east-facing slope at 1050m (CTE RP down 20cm). The tests failed at the interface of last week's storm snow, which had been pressed into a moderately dense (4F) wind slab.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Powder. Weather conditions were: Cloudy, Sunny, Warm. We rode: Mellow slopes, Sunny slopes. We avoided: Steep slopes. Riding quality was good.