Cautious Carving (also crusts and cold)

South Rockies

southrockies , Thursday 28th November, 2019 3:10PM

A speedy trip into Window mountain bowl revealed 15-20 cm of recent storm snow on top of a series of crusts and sugary faceted crystals. The total snowpack depth was about 70 cm at 1950 m. We didn’t see any signs of recent avalanches, but suspect it would be possible to trigger some isolated windslabs in the alpine if you could get up there. Travel on a sled is still boney, and most of our go to ski lines are not filled in yet. Access note: We staged at Atlas and sledded from there despite the fact hunters have driven in farther. Coverage was reasonable and trail breaking into Alison Bowl was fun. It is still rocks and stumps for traction most places off trail so taker’ easy!

Snow conditions were: Powder. Weather conditions were: Cold. Riding quality was ok.


49.67219000 -114.65339000

Cautious Carving (also crusts and cold)

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN