Good spring skiing

Mistaya Traverse

Helen Sovdat

We had fast travel and good skiing on the Mistaya traverse. Our loop went south to north from Waterfowl Campground to Cirque Lake, then over the pass to Chephren Lake and out. Above Cirque lake (1800m) there was 110cms snow. We found a supportive crust from top to bottom throughout the day and good ice coverage on all of the lakes. Watch for a few patches of melting ice along the shore of Waterfowl.
Temps were hovering around -9 at mid day. Cold temps, moderate winds and overcast skies kept the crust intact and the recent storm snow dry on the north sides. There was up to 10cms HST on the pass at 2200m and it was bonding well to the crust on all aspects.
Spectacular scenery on the east facing big walls of Howse Peak and others, with no indication of any new avalanche activity.
Helen Sovdat
Mountain Guide

Source: Mountain Conditions