Kokanee powder hunting

South Columbia

axcooper , Saturday 30th March, 2024 5:50PM

Skied four laps in the RMR backcountry today. It was cloudier and cooler than expected. 1. The first lap was a quickie to into Montana bowl. There was a few cm of soft snow on a crust, which is better than I expected. We saw the remnants of an older wet slab avalanche, but it likely predated Thursdays storm. 2. Lap two was the backside of Kokanee Bowl. We found very nice settled powder here on an E-NE aspect. Easily the best run of the day and we should have skied it twice. We saw no signs of instability going down and while breaking trail back up. 3. Kokanee Bowl. We entered on the more northerly aspects hoping to find some good powder. Unfortunately, the bowl had slid, so instead it was a few cm of dust on crust. We did find some nice snow halfway down where the track split. The crown of the avalanche was pretty short but it propagated widely. I think it slid during Thursday night's storm as there was fresh snow on the debris. 4. For the last lap we skied Almost-Heli into Montana Bowl. There was roughly 10-15 cm on a firm crust. It skied nicely, but you could still feel the crust sightly. On a side note, the Catcher's Mitt is still in decent shape, but it gets really spicy towards the end.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN