Grizzly Couloir Attempt

Glacier National Park

mlauriault , Monday 27th December, 2021 7:00PM

Turned back from our objective to ride Grizzly Couloir. Made it to treeline above Teddy Bear trees around 11:00am and started climbing the open trees. Snow was fairly supportive but lots of cracking and sloughing on the top 5-10cm. The strong unexpected wind on top of the ridge raised some questions about snow loading and transport which was hard to assess remotely. The fact that it was crazy cold made us lower our risk tolerance and back down from the bootpack and couloir. On the way down, we rode Grizzly Bowl west. We skicut a steep convex roll because we were curious about slab reactivity. Triggered a sz 1 small slab about 30 deep and 10m wide (see picture) that seemed to be sitting on surface hoar. Lots of sloughing on the way down in the open trees. Snow was slow and sticky, same for the ski out.

Snow conditions were: Powder, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Cold, Sunny. We rode: Convex slopes, Mellow slopes, Open trees, Steep slopes. Riding quality was good.