K Pass - Missile Ridge

Kootenay Boundary

robmoote , Tuesday 9th February, 2021 6:40PM


We were skiing mellow trees (mid-high 20's) off the back (powerline) side of Missile Ridge. We came to a rollover where a natural release had occurred, we guessed on Monday (a day earlier). The interesting thing was that for most of the crown, it only rolled over to 31 degrees. There was one 10-15 m section of the crown, on the left side of the photo from below, that rolled over to about 40 degrees. We guessed it initiated there and propagated across the rest of the slope. The slide ran across an uptrack that we guessed had been put in on Sunday (definitely since the new snow on Saturday). Kind of scary since most people (including me) would look at that slope and call it pretty safe. It ran on surface hoar on a crust 70 cm down. Entire snowpack was 210 cm. If anyone who manages the web site is reading this, it keeps telling me I have made 1 error in my avalanche report, but I can't see any indication of what the error is. So I will keep filling in extraneous information (like the avalanche date/time, which I can only guess at) and clicking submit to see if it gets accepted.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN