Rising freezing level and wind, on repeat!

South Rockies

southrockies , Thursday 5th March, 2020 4:10PM

We like to stay in the know 🤓 with how new weather inputs are affecting our snowpack layers. So, with clear”ish” skies and ⬆️ freezing levels again today, we decided to find an area where we could safely assess slopes that we felt might be getting impacted the most by these conditions. We headed North of Sparwood where there is a number of thin rocky areas on south aspects that fit the bill. We found that once again the winds and high cloud cover reduced the impact of the warmer temps and sunshine. We did not see any impacts to the snow from the sun, like loose wet avalanches or roller balls and no significant test results in our test profile. The upper snow pack was like smooth cream cheese over a supportive mid-pack. It was a beauty of a day with light SW winds and 0 degrees by 3:00 PM at 2000m. We enjoyed some sweet turns and sunshine☀️!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN