Decker glacier

Sea to Sky

banffboys , Wednesday 10th April, 2019 1:25AM


2nd person on slope triggered avalanche and was able to ski out. Avalanche went over the Decker skin track. Search was initiated immediately by this party to clear the debris. A second party yelled over that they witnessed a solo skier get overtaken by the avalanche and they came to help in the search. Victim was fully buried initially with an air pocket, was able to punch a hand out to the surface and was found by sound from members of both parties. Victim was unhurt, NOT wearing a beacon and had no other avalanche gear. Lost 1 ski, poles and misc gear. A secondary beacon search of the avalanche debris was done and both parties helped in getting the solo skier back to the ski area.


50.07423000 -122.85334000

Decker glacier

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN