Touchy storm slab on crust at Kootenay Pass

Kootenay Boundary

Avalog Forecaster , Wednesday 17th April, 2019 3:50PM

This morning I got SP hand shears down 30cms on a crust on a SE aspect at 1980m and a whumph on a solar aspect at 2100m near a ridge crest. On a due north slope at about 1980M the crust was not evident down 30cms and no significant results were noted with hand shears. With this info I moved to a larger feature that is north facing. The skiers left side of it tilts east and had a crust. I slid into the shaded part of the feature at the top to check for the crust where it was true north. When doing that I triggered the slide you see in the photos. No involvement. I think it’s a small two or big 1.5. I was skiing recreationally with a friend. No Na slab avalanches observed today. Posted on behalf of John.


49.05808000 -117.04089000

Touchy storm slab on crust at Kootenay Pass

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN