Deep Persistent Slab Avalanche

Bow Hut Approach Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

Adam Greenberg , Thursday 7th January, 2021 7:40PM

On our approach to the Bow Hut today we saw a Size 3 Deep Persistent Slab avalanche on Vulture Peak out of unsupported, wind loaded terrain that likely failed on basal weak layers in the past 24h (see attached photo). The crown line appeared to be 50cm at its thinnest, but 2m+ in many spots. A bit of a surprise to us, and an excellent reminder to consider of the consequence of large avalanches as you think about travelling under alpine slopes, especially those under cornices.

The alpine is highly wind affected in the 93N area, but good ski quality can still be found on sheltered slopes.

Source: Mountain Conditions