Blowing and slidin

Northwest Coastal

travisluvsbikes , Friday 1st March, 2024 8:10AM

Nice runs on the hill proper with a slightly crusty top layer on high top diamonds that face the sun. Light winds and sun. Headed out to the Knolls after lunch to find mod to strong East winds cross loading and making for slabby Conditions in lee features. Rider cut shoulder running down right from 3rd knoll top looking to release slabs...and they found them! At steeper transition that zippered out and down slope fir 30 m's or so. Rider slid down 10 m's ish with it but nor buried. Slight firmnes to slab with Chunky snow bits. Also cut some soft slab bits at steeper transition on shoulder that comes down from 2nd knoll. Left that scene for Deliverence tree runs for soft fluff that smacks your thighs and gets up in your face on heal side slash 😎

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN